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When the occasion calls for you to:

  • Look your Best
  • Dress to Impress
  • Stand out in a crowd
  • Make heads turn

  Custom Made Clothing by Dressmaker and Seamstress,

       Barbara LaViska

Beautifully crafted and a perfect fit.

Dancers Picture Gallery

Rose Bartolini and Bob Gorman (pictured below) won the US Open Swing Dance Championships in 2010 AND won best costume.  

Deborah Szekely is a national champion West Coast Dancer, Choreographer and Dance Instructor.  This costume (pictured below) was made to her specifications. The elegant style was perfect for the intracate dance she performed.  The glittering stones catch the light during a performance of lifts, drops and incredible footwork.  Perfomance is captured on YOUTUBE: 

Eric Navoa and Tammy Harris were US Open competitors wearing matching costumes designed specifically for this dance event.